Friday, 7 March 2014

Historic - Supplier Review: AndyE987 - 10K Resistors

Please note this review is from my original build in 2011.
Some of the sellers no longer trade and where the seller is still trading the items will likely have changed.

SMD SMT 0805 10K Resistors Qty 10

Unit TypePack of 10
Delivery cost£0.30Type1st class
Date Order01/01/01Date Received01/01/01

Just a 10 pack of SMD size 0805 10k resistors. I needed these as I managed to drop one of my work bench and as they are tiny couldn't find it.

  • Cheap and work
  • None

Would I buy resistors from AndyE985 again?


For the money they were the cheapest UK supplier at the time and delivered them quickly. Can't really say anything more as they are just resistors.

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