Saturday, 8 March 2014

Historic - Supplier Review: Thingfarm - Kapton Tape

Please note this review is from my original build in 2011.
Some of the sellers no longer trade and where the seller is still trading the items will likely have changed.

Kapton Tape

Unit TypeEach
Delivery cost£x.xxTypeStd
Date Order16/11/11Date Received25/11/11

Kapton tape is used to help secure the thermistor and heating element to the hot end, its also used for heated print beds. At the time it worked out cheapest for a roll as the delivery was free when added to my existing ThingFarm order.
The tape is a ~30m roll, however its only about 15mm wide. This makes it ideal for use on the hotend however its terrible for use as a print bed material.

  • Cheap
  • Good for the hotend and wires
  • Too thin for print bed use

Would I buy Kapton tape from Thingfarm again?


This roll will be more then enough for any hotend or wiring usage I might need, however that's the limits of its use. A wider roll (50mm+) would have been more practical as it would fit all possible uses.

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