Sunday, 9 March 2014

Historic - Supplier Review: Think3dPrint3d - Endstops

Please note this review is from my original build in 2011.
Some of the sellers no longer trade and where the seller is still trading the items will likely have changed.

3X Endstop RepRap Prusa Huxley, Sanguinolou RAMPS Gen 6 7, microswitch end stop

Unit TypePack of 3
Delivery cost£0.75TypeStd
Date Order01/01/01Date Received01/01/01

3 microswitches for use as end stops, nothing fancy just 3 microswitches well packaged and delivered promptly.

  • Quick delivery
  • Does the job well
  • Good communication.
  • More expensive then generic sellers

Would I buy endstops from Think3dPrint3d again?


Think3dPrint3d are a great supplier however looking around the microswitches used on the RepRap are just standard microswitches (I thought they were something special) and for that reason I can pick them up much cheaper from generic sellers.

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