Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Prusa i1 to i3 upgrade - Parts arrived

As I mentioned in my previous post (well previous real post) the plastic parts arrived on the 1st (01/03/2014) and the hardware was delayed. So between the two deliveries I've not been able to do too much in the way of the i3 upgrade.
I'd cleaned a section of my room which I can dedicate to the printer and been frequenting the official forums and Reddit sub forums (3D printing and RepRap) in order to get myself upto date with the latest advances (in RepRap terms) as well as any common issues.
I also bit the bullet and ordered a SG90 micro servo for the Z probe upgrade I spoke about. I literally just picked the cheapest UK based seller who had good reviews and was selling the complete unit (arms and screws included) on eBay.

The Plastic Parts

I bought my plastic parts from 3DPrinterPunk for the reasons I outlined in my previous post (cheapest and the time and prints looked good).
The parts came well packaged with lots of packing peanuts as well as free cable ties and filament (which as you can see in the photo has the temperature as well).

Here's a photo of it all unpacked, please note the lm8uu's I added and didn't come with the plastic parts.
Sorry about the picture quality I was stood in front of the lights
Anyone with a keen eye will notice two things which don't match most printed part kits.

Firstly the little square parts (there should be 10 showing in the photo but I was inspecting them), they are cable tie holders and the central hole allows you to attach it to the wood via a screw.

Secondly there are 4 pieces missing. As its my first i3 build I didn't even look twice at the parts until I was using them in the build, at which point I noticed the missing parts (Y axis corners).

3DPrinterPunk was great a great help, he emailed me a list of parts and helped identify the missing ones (from the above photo) and is sending me the parts along side a free ABS extruder as an apology. The email exchange all happened after 10pm at night and was all resolved in about half a dozen emails.
That's some serious customer service and while the free extruder is a little much I'm not going to object.


I ordered my hardware (wood, rods, fastenings, bearings and belt kit) from Greg Colbourn via eMakerShop.
Freshly unpacked
 The parts came well packaged and all the fastenings were nicely labelled.

So the build begins.

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