Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Prusa i1 to i3 upgrade - Build day 3

I'm a bit backlogged on my posts as I got a horrible cold the day after build day 2 (Friday) which has only just started to fade. I did bits and pieces but never spent any real time.

As previously mentioned I'm following this guide and will only be documenting things I have trouble with or do which the guide doesn't state.

Print bed - Smooth rod distance

It all looked very straight forward until it came to check it moved smoothly, as attaching the bed involves drilling and screws it moved slightly.
After a few attempts at tweaking the width to get it moving smoothly I decided to put down the spanners and work out the optimal distance myself.
Some amazing photoshop skill

Add the blue lengths
Add the green lengths then half them (this gives you the center of the plastic part which should be the center of the bearing).
Add the result of the above values then take this away from the yellow/orange value.
yellow - ((blue + blue) + ((green + green)/2))
This gives you the distance between the center of the top and bottom bearings. To get the gap between the smooth rods just minus the width of a smooth rod.

Measure the width of a Y corner piece. From this value minus the width of the smooth rod.

Take this value from the distance calculated from the printbed.
This is the width between each corner piece.


Belt holder

Following the guide its pretty straight forward however if your belt holder is loose and doesn't hold the belt when its tight the guide recommends "shim it with an M3 washer or a piece of card".
Which in simple turns means jam small washer(s) or hard peice(s) of card under the belt until it doesn't slip.
Like so

End of Day 3

The rugby six nations grand final (unlucky England, well played Ireland) was on and I felt very rough so this is all as I did on day three.

Days build time: ~1 hour*
Total build time: ~4 hours

I did the work between matches and during half time so could have been 1h30m or 45m as I wasn't paying much attention.

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