Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Prusa i1 to i3 upgrade - Build day 1

I'm not going to document ever step as most of them are pretty straight forward or a case of doing the same thing on the opposite side or again a different section.
I followed this visual guide which is for the same version (box) and using a similar electronic setup.

As I'm never one to completely follow instructions I skipped to the frame assembly first as it relies on the heavier tools and can be done independently of the other parts.
I couldn't find my countersink so just used a ~10mm drill bit in its place.

The L sections

These are pretty simple as long as you use clamps to hold the pieces together.
Before you clamp them and get them in position mark the half way point on the board as this will help get the middle screw in the center.

Offset the top and bottom screws by 2cm to 3cm.

The base

This is a little tricky as it requires a 3mm spacer and the new piece of wood has a habit of moving when you drill it.
In hindsight I would highly recommend you use clamps.
On the plus side 3mm filament is, well, 3mm so its ideal as a spacer for this job.
Note the drill battery sitting on the spacer to keep it level.

End of day 1

I forgot to charge the drill batteries prior to commencing the build so I ran out of battery for the last piece of wood (for the frame).
As I'm missing plastic parts there is nothing I can do for the time being.

Days build time: ~2 hours*
Total build time: ~2 hours
*Includes switching between 3 drill bits, sorting and arranging the parts.

Just a side note the frame appears much larger then I was expecting. I'll take a photo of it and the Prusa i3 frame side by side once I add the last piece.

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