Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Prusa i3 Upgrade/Update Parts - Quick update

This is just a quick update on the Prusa i3 upgrade/update parts I ordered.

Printed Parts

I ordered them direct from 3D Printer Punk for only £19.
Thought out the whole process Nel (signed Neil, but he kept referring to himself as Nel) kept me very informed.
As he had no stock of the boxed version it was a custom print run so payment wasn't until most of the print was complete.
At the 3/4 complete point I received an email informing me, a photo of the parts and if I was happy a invoice.
The X Carriage is grey as its ABS (due to hotend heat) and not PLA like the other parts

The parts looks better quality then I was expecting for so little money, so I promptly paid.

The £19 included first class delivery (Royal Mail), as the ship date was a Friday I wasn't expecting them to arrive until the Monday

To my surprise they arrived the next day carefully packed and included a dozen or so cable ties (the same bright colour of the ones in the photo). All the parts look good and after a quick check non of the holes look like they need drilling which is great.

As I'm awaiting the rest of the parts so I'll wait until I actually use them before giving a verdict, but so far its very promising.
Honestly for £19 shipped I can't see how he can continue selling them as time, filament, electricity and shipping can't leave much if any profit margin.

The Rest

I bought the rest (list can be found here) from Greg Colbourn via eMakerShop PM's and I was already aware he he had a large backorder for kits and printed parts. The current ETA of the parts are mid to late this week.

While I wait

While I'm waiting I'm compiling a list of articles and posts to help me configure the printer as best as possible.
Once I get a fairly definitive list I'll make a quick post with them on.

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