Thursday, 13 March 2014

Prusa i1 to i3 upgrade - Build day 2

Due to the issue with missing plastic parts I had a day break between build days.

True to my jump to section I like the look of style instead of attaching the last piece of wood to the frame I jumped to the Y axis.

As previously mentioned I'm following this guide and will only be documenting things I have trouble with or do which the guide doesn't state.

Y Axis corner blocks - aka the missing Arduino box

The assembly is pretty straight forward, however the guide states to use the Arduino box and gives no dimensions of it.
As my Arduino's are clones (much cheaper and the same functionality) they didn't come in the official box and the box they did come in has long been binned.

I checked around and according to the official RepRap forums its purely used as a spacer to ensure the smooth rods are level. So referrencing the image I looked around for something similar size and found a Raspberry Pi box and used it.
I measured the box and it was slightly (~0.1m) over 12cm in width.

I found a quick way to ensure booth sides are the same width is to attach a M8 bolt (or piece of M8 threaded rod) through one side and attach a nut.
The alignment both using the same box (or callipers).
The picture is poor quality, but you can see the bolt on the left corner piece.
As well the the Raspberry Pi box.

This shows the bolt a little better.

Smooth rods

The smooth rods referenced in the guide for the Y axis are actually the shortest of the smooth rods.
The guide is a little confusing as it references them as the long smooth rods.

If you threaded rods are line mine, only slightly (5cm to 10cm) longer then the shortest smooth rods its best to have the corner pieces at the very ends of the threaded rod, otherwise you'll be adjusting there location until they are.
Contracory to the guide I its easier to put the bearings on the smooth rods when you first insert them as they are clip fit pieces and are a pain to get out without messing up the alignment.

Y axis idler

The guide is using 624zz bearings while I had planed to reuse my 608zz bearings so I had to make slight adjustment.
Below is the setup I'll be trying first.
Flash seemed to make the image clearer, but darker at the same time

Its M8 bolt, washer, plastic, mudguard washer, 608zz bearing, mudguard washer, plastic, washer, two M8 bolts.
As there isn't room for standard washers I used the two nuts to keep it in place while allowing the bearing to turn.

End of Day 2

At this point my niece had gone to bed and I didn't want to run the risk of waking her up by drilling so I called it a day.

My desk/workbench is filling up, but the build is coming along nicely.

If everything goes well and I don't get any hickups I should be ready to start printing this weekend.

Days build time: ~1 hour
Total build time: ~3 hours

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